Toby Keith has offered up a second teaser for his upcoming 'Hope on the Rocks' music video -- a clip that is sure to tug at the heartstrings of those who can't resist a good old-fashioned sad country song.

"You want the listener to know what they look like, where they came from and why there were there," admits Keith, who self-penned the title track of his latest studio album. "It was such a good song that I wanted it not to have a hole in it anywhere."

'Hope on the Rock' promises a much darker direction than most of his recent video efforts. "These characters are all people that were in desperation," says the singer.

In the latest installment, the superstar introduces the audience to Larry and Mary -- two individuals struggling with the pressures of everyday life. Earlier this week, Keith introduced viewers to the video's first two characters, Brady and Charlie, who face similar struggles to cope with fear, loss and depression.

“The characters in this song, ‘Hope on the Rocks,’ were derived out of my imagination; I had to come up with eight or ten characters,” Keith explains. “I had little bitty windows that I could write about them. That’s why it took so long for me to write this song — longer than usual — because I only had a line or two to tell about each person.”

'Hope on the Rocks' is the second official single from Keith's 16th studio album of the same name. The music video will make its full debut on Friday (Nov. 30).