The lyrics to Toby Keith's current single, 'Red Solo Cup,' started off as a joke between the song's four writers, but now the entire world is allowed to enjoy the comical tune. The song, penned by country duo and hit songwriters, the Warren Brothers (Brett and Brad), along with songwriting siblings Brett and Jim Beavers, never was intended to be recorded to pitch around to Nashville artists. After making a mock country band -- the Warren Beavers -- Keith's camp heard the tune and the rest is history!

"When we started working together as the Warren Beavers, we made a pact that we would not write or sing or play anything that did not make us all laugh and smile," Brett Warren tells Taste of Country. "I have to give Jim Beavers most of the credit on this song. He drove the boat on it. He is just hysterically funny. Basically what he was doing with those lyrics was trying to make me, his brother and Brad laugh."

Jim Beavers' commentary to his brother and writing pals quickly formed into a new song idea.

"Now a red Solo cup is the best receptacle / For barbeques, tailgates, fairs and festivals / And you, sir, do not have a pair of testicles / If you prefer drinking from glass / A red Solo cup is cheap and disposable / In 14 years they are decomposable / And unlike my home they are not foreclosable / Freddie Mac can kiss my a---," they wrote in the opening lyrics to the song.

"And then we all started to chimed in and helped him sort of tweak it," adds Warren of the lyrics. "Then we wrote the chorus."

"Red Solo cup, I fill you up / Let's have a party, let's have a party / (I love you) Red Solo cup, I lift you up / Proceed to party, proceed to party," they wrote.

"I've got to say, I really admire Toby Keith," praises Warren. "Everybody talks about doing things 'outside of the box.' That man really does it. People talk about being 'outlaws' ... to record that song and to release a video on it ... that's insane [laughs]! It's so insane! I love him for it, because I really do think it's the dumbest song he's ever recorded, and it might be the greatest song he's ever recorded, so I don't know!"

"Plus," adds Warren with a grin, "the fact that we wrote a song that [former Boston Celtics player/coach] Larry Bird is in the video for ... I think I can retire now [laughs]. Roger Clemens and Larry Bird are the two coolest people in the world, but I'm a sports geek!"

Watch the Toby Keith 'Red Solo Cup' Video