Last week Toby Keith teased something "very, very new and very, very stupid" in a video on his website. On Monday he revealed 'Red Solo Cup,' a video that recreates a college party with surprising accuracy considering he's been out of the game for almost 30 years. The song is a love story of sorts to the red Solo brand plastic cup, and by the end celebrities from every walk of life are paying homage to the container.

“The song is so stupid but so adorable," Keith tells Taste of Country. In the video, Keith is navigating through a thick crowd of college aged cuties holding a fresh beer in his hand. The more he sings, the sloppier his delivery gets. Anyone who's ever been to a keg party will recognize at least one group or conversation. Heck it's not unlikely a few inibriated revelers have paid homage to the Solo cup in a different manner.

Former baseball pitcher Roger Clemens is the first celebrity to appear, but he's quickly followed by cameos from comedian Jeff Dunham, rocker Ted Nugent, talk show host Craig Ferguson, basketball star Larry Bird and many more. Some have their own unique way of using the cup, none more memorable than Eric Church who holds a lighter toward one end and ... well we're going to assume the 'Drink in My Hand' singer enjoys finding creative ways to smoke fresh tobacco from his home state of North Carolina.

Watch Toby Keith's 'Red Solo Cup' Video

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