A new video on Toby Keith's website teases something big that's to come in the next few days. "I've got something very, very new. I've got something very, very stupid. I've got something very, very cool, all in the same package," Keith says in the clip. The 'Made in America' singer may have tipped it off by holding a specific type of cup in his hand throughout the clip.

There's a song on Keith's upcoming 'Clancy's Tavern' album called 'Red Solo Cup.' It's about the importance of ... the red Solo cup. "The song is so stupid but so adorable," Keith tells Taste of Country. "There’s a magic about that song. It just grasps people and infects you with stupidity."

The singer has played the song, along with a few others from 'Clancy's Tavern,' during recent concerts, and the response has been overwhelming. His vocal performance on the studio version gets sloppier with each note, as if he's sipping something from a red Solo cup. "It was just a good acting job," he insists.

While we can't say with certainty that a 'Red Solo Cup' video is coming soon, it would make sense. Fans will either love or hate the song, but nobody will be able to get it out of their head.

Keith's comments above are a teaser, too. Check back in with Taste of Country in the coming weeks to see our full interview with him.

Watch Toby Keith Tease a New Song or Video

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