Country artists have often paired with their favorite products for tour sponsorships or endorsements. Some artists sing the already famous jingles, while others make a cameo in advertising campaigns. However, in this list, we showcase country songs that were used in television commercials, from Dottie West's classic Coca Cola singalong, 'Country Sunshine,' to Reba McEntire's random performance of 'Fancy' in a Frito Lay commercial.

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    'More Where That Came From,' Dolly Parton

    Seen In: Target Commercial

    In 1993, Dolly Parton released ‘Slow Dancin' With the Moon.’ Although it was a million selling project and reached the Top 5 on the country albums chart, the project released three poorly charting singles: 'Romeo,' 'Full Circle' and 'More Where That Came From.' Despite a lackluster chart performance, Target revived the latter to deliver their message in 2008.

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    'I'm Sorry,' Brenda Lee

    Seen In: Bounty Commercial

    Country Music Hall of Famer Brenda Lee started her career as a young rock 'n' roller. Along the way, several of her songs were welcomed on country radio, including 'I'm Sorry.' The song captures the sadness in a child’s eyes after they make a mess, but thankfully Bounty is on the way to help clean it up.

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    'Let Your Love Flow,' The Bellamy Brothers

    Seen In: Barclaycard Commercial

    Howard and David Bellamy sailed up the pop charts in 1976 with 'Let Your Love Flow.' The song also crossed over to the country Top 40 and helped them launch a string of hits on country radio. Pier One Imports used the positive message in the song to compliment their posh products. In addition, the song was used for Barclaycard credit cards.

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    'I've Been Everywhere,' Johnny Cash

    Seen In: Choice Hotels Commercial

    Hank Snow originally recorded 'I've Been Everywhere' in 1962. In Johnny Cash's latter years, he re-cut the song for his 'American Recording' series, produced by Rick Rubin. Choice Hotels made the obvious connection that the song’s traveling lyrics would make a fine fit to promote their hotels.

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    'It's Such a Pretty World Today,' Wynn Stewart

    Seen In: K-Mart Commercial

    Wynn Stewart sang this beautiful sunny classic in 1967. 'It's Such a Pretty World Today' peaked at No. 1 for two weeks, becoming Stewart's highest-charting track. Then, in the '90s, K-Mart used the song's positive lyrics and infectious chorus to promote the same message within their store.

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    'Always on My Mind,' Willie Nelson

    Seen In: Levi's Commercial

    In 1982, the classic Willie Nelson tune ‘Always on My Mind’ won a Grammy for Song of the Year and Male Vocal Performance of the Year. In the early 2000s, Levi's creatively used the sentimental song to showcase the relationship between a man and his favorite pair of jeans.

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    'Fancy,' Reba McEntire

    Seen In: Frito Lay Commercial

    Reba and Frito Lay came up with a clever way to link the song, artist and product, even though there really was no connection between actual song lyrics and chips. As Reba was on her way to becoming one of the biggest stars in country music in 1991, the little clip of the 'Fancy' singer holding a bag of chips became a fan favorite.

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    'Crazy Little Thing Called Love,' Dwight Yoakam

    Seen In: GAP Commercial

    In 1999, Dwight Yoakam put a country spin on the Queen hit ‘Crazy Little Thing Called Love.’ Unlike most of the other songs on this list, the single was released at the same time it appeared within the commercial, rather than being used after it became a hit. The popular TV spot for GAP clothing helped the song reach No. 12 on the Billboard Country Music charts.

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    'Country Sunshine,' Dottie West

    Seen In: Coca-Cola Commercial

    In 1968, Coca-Cola used Dottie West's hit 'Country Girl' in a commercial. In 1973, Coca-Cola recruited West and Billy Davis, who wrote other famous jingles at the McCann-Erickson advertising agency, to create a song specifically for the new Coke campaign. The song peaked at No. 2 and won Dottie West a Clio, an award for excellence in advertising.

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    'Good Time,' Alan Jackson

    Seen In: General Electric Commercial

    Alan Jackson hit No. 1 in 2008 with his party tune 'Good Time.' Shortly after the song became a dance floor favorite, General Electric featured its employees around the world having a 'Good Time' line dancing at work. The countrified GE Ecomagination commercial brings "good things to life" and great country music to television!