Trace Adkins recently helped pay tribute to the iconic country group Exile through a new series on GAC titled 'Hit Exchange.' During the 30-minute special, Adkins goes went into the studio with the band to re-record one of their biggest hits from the '70s, 'Kiss You All Over.'

Adkins tried to keep his composure while standing face-to-face with one of the musical artists who helped shape his own career.

"I’m just a fan today," Adkins said during the episode. "I’m just a fan that’s getting to sing with Exile. Nobody had a bigger song in the late ‘70s than 'Kiss You All Over,' and the thing we liked about it was that it was just a little naughty."

The idea to record the tune together was sparked after Adkins saw the legendary band play 'Kiss You All Over' on the stage of the prestigious Grand Ole Opry back in May. Days later, Adkins' people reached out to the band, asking if they would consider laying down vocals on the song with Adkins in the studio. The GAC special documented that rare and special moment in time during the session that still amazes Adkins.

"There was no awkwardness at all. Once we got in there we just started laughing and having fun and that’s what this is all about," said Adkins. "This is about as happy as I get ... this is me, maximum happy."

GAC will air an encore presentation of 'Hit Exchange' on Monday, Dec. 26 at 9:30PM ET.

Watch Trace Adkins and Exile Perform 'Kiss You All Over'