Now that the charred rubble of Trace Adkins' old home has been cleared away, he and his family are anxious to move in to the new house that's being built on the same piece of Nashville property. It's been over five months since the Adkins were forced to relocate to a guest house when the main structure burned down.

Adkins tells Taste of Country that the blueprints don't call for a large, extravagant mansion. "We're just not into that," he says. "We want it to be warm and welcome. It's going to be reasonable. It's not going to be ridiculous."

While his wife Rhonda added a few modern conveniences to the final design, there will be nothing that will land him an episode of 'Cribs' any time soon. However, next summer, the Adkins' home may wind up as the hot place to cool down. "I've heard that the new one is going to have a pool, so I guess I'm finally going to be one of those snooty home owners that has a pool," the 'Million Dollar View' singer says, laughing.

With a pool comes a pool boy and a gardener and then … wait a second. Wasn't that the plot of the music video for 'Marry for Money'?

Adkins is staying busy this holiday season. On Dec. 5, he'll return as host for the American Country Awards on Fox. Kristin Chenoweth will join him onstage this year for the 8PM ET broadcast.