Trisha Yearwood gave a poignant performance as Mary in The Passion Live on Sunday night (March 20), and she reprised one of the powerful songs on Live With Kelly & Michael on Wednesday, giving it just as much emotion and care as the original show.

“Broken,” originally sung by alt-rock/Christian crossover band Lifehouse, is a compelling ballad about the feeling of being completely worn down but finding the strength to keep moving forward in a deep faith.

Yearwood stood alone with only a mic as she sang, bringing her signature dynamic vocals to the song from beginning to end. It’s clear she feels the lyrics strongly, and her conviction and commitment to the song brings a new life to the tune. Yearwood colored each song she sang for The Passion with her own style — each one was originally recorded by another artist. The country diva’s tunes during the show included popular songs by Whitney Houston, Ray Charles, Jason Mraz and even Jewel, all chosen to reflect the hardship Mary faced in the Passion story as Jesus’ mother. The Passion Live soundtrack is available on iTunes and contains many other pop tunes covered in a new way to support the story.

The singer has been on the road with husband Garth Brooks on his hugely successful World Tour, stopping in many cities for more than one concert and bringing in about $1 million per show. The couple say they have been working on an album together full of duets, for which fans have been clamoring for ever since they released “In Another’s Eyes” in 1997. This one is slated to be a Christmas album. One song in particular they’ve recorded, though, will probably be Yearwood by herself, according to Brooks.

“To hear her do ‘What Are You Doing New Year’s Eve?’ is like, ‘Oh my God!’” Brooks gushed. “It was supposed to be a duet … About 30 seconds into the song I just walked out of the studio because I knew it wasn’t going to be a duet. I wasn’t about to open my mouth after that, you know? It’s just her doing her greatest Ella [Fitzgerald], you know, impersonation with Trisha kinda mixed in there … It was amazing!”

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