It's probably difficult for Tyler Dean's girlfriend (assuming he has one) to stay angry at him for very long. The adorable country newcomer has somewhat of a wandering puppy-dog face, and he comes up with cute -- if not a little cheesy -- songs that are bound to make girls his age roll their eyes, laugh and give him a big old hug and kiss. 'That Smile' falls in this category, although it's a little more grown-up than Dean's 2009 debut 'Taylor Swift.'

"There's a girl in the picture that hangs on the wall and God I love to see that smile / And no it wasn't taken so long ago sometimes it feels like a million miles," Dean sings to open the song. "Cheer up little buckaroo," he's saying. "Life can sure take up our time / Worries sure fill up our minds / Til' we forget that we forgot / Who we are for who we're not."

The song doesn't give Dean much of an opportunity to show off his voice; in fact, the melody is little flat overall. The chorus is loaded with oft-used "freedom" metaphors like runaway trains and barefoot dancing in the rain. "Baby come on / Let's get lost for a little while / And we won't come back til we find that / Smile." This is by no means a bad song, however. It's just one that's bound to bounce off anyone with a little more experience. It's a little thin, but certainly not offensive.

Listen to Tyler Dean, 'That Smile'