When asked who country music's best and worst hunters are, Tyler Farr didn't hesitate. The 'A Guy Walks Into a Bar' singer recently went hunting with Blake Shelton and admitted it got kind of ugly.

“You can tell from our personalities," Farr -- an ACM New Artist of the Year nominee -- says. "We pretty much just bash each other.”

Both men are known for having (very) dry senses of humor, so he may have been joking when he said Shelton was country's worst hunter. But we're not sure. Watch for yourself and decide.

"Ten, being the best ... I'm over here," Farr says, using the familiar 1-10 scale to rate country hunters. "One being the worst ... Blake Shelton."

"He just sucks."

This sounds like the spark for a potential feud -- or at least a friendly rivalry -- between the passionate outdoorsmen. They'll be able to square off in August at WE Fest in Detroit Lakes, Minn.

“The fishing up there is pretty killer, so I may try to swing by and do that. Is Blake on there?”

He sure is. Vote for the 2015 ACM New Artist of the Year nominees at VoteACM.com. This round of voting ends on Feb. 10.

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