If you're active on Twitter, you've probably seen a celebrity endorsement for Tyler Farr for the fan-voted Semi-Finals round of the ACM New Artist of the Year award. The 'Redneck Crazy' singer has gotten help from two-time BCS champion quarterback AJ McCarron, comedian Larry the Cable Guy and an adorable wrinkly bloodhound named Cooter Brown.

Farr -- whose video for his new single 'Whiskey in My Water' was just released -- has good stories to tell about all of them, and he's willing to share.

The former bouncer is picking up in 2014 where he left off in 2013. He's back on tour with Florida Georgia Line, this time on Jason Aldean's tremendous Burn It Down Tour of amphitheaters and baseball stadiums. The Missouri-raised singer, who got his start as a part of Colt Ford's band, says he knows the drill, but he's still learning something new every week.

"I want to do something every night different than I did the night before," Farr tells Taste of Country before a show in Fayetteville, N.C. "So the people at the show will remember it, and go home and be like ‘Oh my God, did you see when Tyler Farr did the worm? Crowd surfed?’"

"Actually I’ve never done any of that, but you know what I’m saying," he adds.

Half-redneck, half-comic, half-professionally trained vocalist (OK, that's three halves, but quit counting), this Taste of Country Music Festival performer took ToC down a twisted road of stories barely suitable for print. Now four singles into the 'Redneck Crazy' album, fans are starting to learn this singer has sense of humor every bit as sharp as Blake Shelton's. And he's got friends -- just wait until you read his story about Lee Brice and Jerrod Niemann. Talent, personality and a humble willingness to embarrass yourself have taken lesser musicians very far.

ToC: Have you ever been on a tour the size of Aldean’s Burn It Down Tour?

Tyler Farr: No. As far as me being selected and actually on a tour for the whole tour, this magnitude, this is the biggest tour I’ve ever been on. By far.

What is Jason Aldean’s catering like?

Awesome compared to the catering I’ve been having. We just got a bus about five or six months ago, so our catering was like potted meat and pork rinds. He’s actually got this chef in there, like they have probably the coolest catering service I’ve ever seen. This guy, they’re playing like rap music and jumping around in there and just like … he is having a blast cooking whatever he is cooking. It’s hilarious.

You got a retweet from (University of Alabama quarterback) AJ McCarron to help you get nominated for ACM New Artist of the Year. Are you friends?

Yeah, actually we are. I mean I wouldn’t call it BFFs or any of that. I don’t feel comfortable using BFF in terms of speaking toward other men [laughs], and I don’t think any of my friends do either. But yeah, he’s a buddy of mine. We met through his mother. I met her when we were playing in Mobile, Ala. Come to find out he’s a big fan and -- actually, we haven’t even met face to face yet, we’ve just been texting back and forth and his mom gave him my number and I get this text from AJ McCarron.

I’m a Georgia fan so it’s weird, but I enjoy good SEC football.

Do you have any other surprising phone numbers?

I mean Willie Robertson, that’s an obvious one, but I don’t think that surprises anybody (Note: Robertson is in the ‘Redneck Crazy’ video). Larry the Cable Guy. I should read you a tweet, 'cause I’m not afraid to ask my famous friends for help when you’re trying to get nominated [laughs]. That’s what you do, that’s what friends do. And I’d do the same for them if I ever get an opportunity to.

Actually, hold on, I got to read you this. It’s hilarious. Cause I texted him and did not hear back from him, and my feelings were a little hurt. And he said (reading a text from his phone), “Tyler, send me the link of where I need to tell these folks to go to vote. I’m so sorry, I saw your text. Sorry I didn’t get back to you but I was in Canada all week and I got surgery on my nuts yesterday. Nothing serious, just been hit in the nuts too many times by a whiffle balls. Tweet me brother, I will retweet!"

[laughs] He’s a freakin’ mess. But yeah he’s the nicest celebrity I ever met.

You clearly weren’t a fan of Richard Sherman’s outburst a few weeks ago after the Seattle Seahawks beat the 49ers.

I just don’t agree with how he handled that, and I’ll tell you why. You got little kids watching these football games and you have these guys that get paid millions, millions, millions more than school teachers to play football and that’s the role they’re setting for these kids? I’m sorry, but I’m never going to endorse that.

Is there anyone in country music that talks trash?

I’ll be honest with you, there is some of that. There are some people that don’t like other people. There’s always going to be that. It’s funny as hell, I mean I get a kick out of it. There’s not too many, I mean I can’t honestly sit here and say there’s just one person (I don’t like).

All my friends make fun of me enough. They jack with me … uh, I can’t tell that story.

No, wait, go ahead.

Well, like Jerrod Niemann and Lee Brice, I remember when I first went out with them on the Higher Education Tour [laughs]. I can’t even say it without laughing, cause I think it took five years off my life. I’m a new artist but I’ve been doing this for awhile, and they would take me on their bus. I’d ride their bus and open acoustic. They would jack with me nonstop. It was a prank.

I forgot I had (ACC Top 40 radio host) Bob Kingsley one morning. It wasn’t for the Top 40 countdown, because I didn’t have a Top 40 yet. Bob Kingsley didn’t probably know who I was at the time. It was kind of a favor, Lee and Jerrod were going to be there, I was a fan. This was probably four years ago.

Me and Jerrod and Lee drank too much sweet tea that night, and I wake up and I have a certain ... [long pause as he searches for the words] They drew figures. I’ll just say that much. Of objects.

Anatomy maybe?

Anatomy parts. All over my arms, face, hands. (They) wrote comments that would make my grandma cry. Which thinking back, it was really funny. But that’s the kind of stuff they would do to me. I was like the little brother that got picked on. I’ve gotten back now. I honestly can’t say what I did to them.

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