Can one little girl save one of the most historic music studios in Nashville? The famed Studio A, a room that's hosted Elvis Presley, Dolly Parton and George Strait, could be targeted for demolition if new owners don't choose to preserve it. Ten-year-old Molly Jeanne doesn't want that to happen.

Armed with a ukulele and a voice that'd make an angel jealous, Ukulele Molly sings 'The Studio,' a song she wrote after reading Ben Folds' open letter about the development. "I put myself in Ben's shoes and wrote the words and the melody right then and there," she writes on YouTube.

"I hope you share it with your friends," the little girl adds. "Let's help support Ben through this tough time."

Taste of Country recorded the above video on Tuesday (July 1) during an open mic night at Kimbro's in Franklin, Tenn. The little girl and her family were in town from New York. Watch her sing the full version of the song below. Studio A in Nashville's old RCA building was built on Music Row by Chet Atkins in 1964.

Watch the Full Version of Ukulele Molly's 'The Studio'