It would have been possible to assemble twenty unforgettable Trace Adkins moments, but because that'd take an hour to get through — and because it seems unsavory to relive old drama — we stuck to eight. Here are 8 Unforgettable Trace Adkins Moments that happened onstage or onscreen. Adkins is a man of many talents, as this video proves.g

In addition to releasing hit songs and gold albums, the country veteran is a television regular, starring in shows like the Celebrity Apprentice on NBC (twice) and Fox's American Country Awards (four times). He swings from emotional ballads to bawdy country-rockers effortlessly. He can be serious one moment, and make fun of himself in the most hilarious way the next.

Our No. 1 is Adkins' No. 1 moment, too, but the seven that come before that are all worth remembering and sharing. The singer is prepping his new studio album, his first on Wheelhouse Records. His new single "Jesus and Jones" is an autobiographical look at his life, even though he didn't write it. Adkins tells Taste of Country that the full-length release will include more of the same.

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