Texas native Wade Bowen recently released an acoustic video for his chart-climbing single 'Saturday Night.' The video is just somber enough to fit with the sad feel of the song. Shot all in black and white, it simply shows Bowen sitting on a stool in a large empty room playing his guitar, or standing in front of a window with a train passing by.

Riding on the remorseful lyrics of loneliness and heartbreak, Bowen sings, "So why does everybody love Saturday nightStale smell of beer and the smoke in your eyesI keep sittin’ and drinkin’ and thinkin’ ’bout a sad good-byeSo tell me why is everybody so in love with Saturday night."

In a past interview with Taste of Country, Bowen explained some of the mystery behind the song. “I’ve been doing this for 14 years now, and I’ve stood onstage quite a few Saturday nights a year,” he said. “I’ve been hearing a lot of songs about Saturday nights and how great they always are. So as a songwriter, I always try to take ideas and twist them around a bit.” To twist this song, he said he decided to write about the one lonely guy in the bar who is obviously not enjoying the party as much as everyone else.

“I just felt like this song overall was really country, but it still has a lot of the Wade Bowen thing that I’ve always tried to keep,” he further explained. “We tried really hard to kind of take what I’ve been doing in the past and try to mature it a little bit. That’s what I try to do with every record and every song, really. I really feel like this song does that for us.”

Watch Wade Bowen's Acoustic Video for 'Saturday Night'