If you're over 18, you can relate to "Growin' Up," the new single from duo Walker McGuire. The mid-tempo burst of nostalgia mixes genres without giving up its country credentials.

Jordan Walker sings lead on this mix of traditional and progressive country impulses. His patter during each verse is rap-like, but not so much so that anyone will rest with that label. A synthetic beat drives a song that adds layers of guitars and percussion during the swells of the chorus. Lyrically, this looking back track finds its roots as the instrumentation and delivery leans heavy into contemporary stylings.

The circle of life is as dependable of a country theme as love and heartbreak, and Walker and Jordan McGuire do it justice with a song that twists right at the end to mean something not predictable. The pair say they've already seen a great response from fans during live shows. Brinley Addington, Michael Hardy and Jimmie Deeghan wrote "Growin' Up."

Did You Know?: Walker McGuire snuck into Herschel Greer Stadium, the former home of the Nashville Sounds professional baseball team, to film the lyric video for "Growin' Up."

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Walker McGuire's "Growin' Up" Lyrics:

Same parking lot party spot on the weekend / After every home game that's where we went / We went twelve and one and one hell of a season / Seventeen and hell bent on leaving / Ain't growing up.

Just passed the bar that we all used to sneak in / Just trying to find one place to get a drink in / They closed it up and put a dollar tree in / Man, driving round this town, it starts to sink in / It's growin' up.

Man, I wish that I could go back now / Stop the clock and take another lap around / If I knew then what I know right now / Life'll get you down, break your heart, mess you up / Yeah man, but that's just part of growing up / Yeah, growing up.

Parked down by the lake just like we used to do / You kissing on my neck, my hands all over you / Oh, back before you put an end to me and you / Gave me back that ring and said I need to do / A little growing up, yeah.

Been minutes since the boys been back together / When you're 21 these cold ones just taste better / So let's raise 'em up and make a toast to forever / Cheers y'all, it sure has been a pleasure.

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