Country duo Walker McGuire have called it quits, seemingly out of the blue. The duo announced their breakup on social media and were met with shocked and confused fans.

"We regret to inform everyone we’ve decided to end Walker McGuire. We want to thank everyone for their support and for following us on our journey the last five + years," the duo write on an Instagram account that is soon-to-be deleted.

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The duo was signed to Broken Bow Records' Stoney Creek Records imprint, but they are no longer listed on the website. Jordan Walker and Johnny McGuire brought harmonies to "brotherly" country, as they liked to call it.

McGuire and Walker met onstage at a writers round just days after they each moved to Nashville in 2012 to pursue songwriting careers. Walker was raised in Texas, citing Keith Whitley and Dan Seals as inspirations. McGuire, a Kansas City native, was raised on Tom Petty and John Prine.

Walker McGuire's debut single on the label, "Til Tomorrow," has a run of more than 28 million streams to date. The duo's Facebook page is now blank, with only the word: "Thank you."

They have not offered an explanation for the split, but encouraged fans via Instagram to follow their solo pages at @jordanwalker2 and @mcguirejohn.

Fans were confused and shocked after learning of the split. One wrote, "Man just when you think you’ve found the next big thing. Sucks guys. Please reconsider! You two sound perfect together. Rock on."

"What happens to the dates still listed on the website? This is really eerie," another asks.

Johny McGuire will pursue a solo career. Days after sharing news of the breakup, the singer-songwriter posted a new photo from a solo photoshoot to his individual page, telling fans that new music is coming soon.

The duo announced last month that they will be playing Tortuga Music Festival this April — it's not clear if they'll perform as a duo or if McGuire will play solo.

Taste of Country has reached out seeking comment and further information.

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