Catchy country tunes, bubblegum-sweet harmonies, boyish good looks ... and an arrest record. Well, almost. In George Birge's words, "Waterloo Revival is pretty hard!"

This hilarious video finds the singer reminiscing about his past as a 'troubled teen' as he and bandmate Cody Cooper pass McCallum High School in the duo's hometown of Austin, Texas, while on the way to a gig.

"George, we’re about to pass where you got caught going off campus for lunch junior year …" Cooper says from the backseat, which prompts his buddy to lead in to one heck of a story. Sort of.

"I got arrested for going off campus for lunch. I was, like, a pretty good kid usually, and I walked across the street to grab my sack lunch out of my car and got swarmed by a cop," Birge explains. "Got put in handcuffs. I had to do in-school suspension for a week. For going to get my sack lunch out of the car.”

“I was a rebel,” he adds, “And they never sent me my ticket — a year later I had a warrant for my arrest … for grabbing my sack lunch out of my car. So, Waterloo Revival is pretty hard!”

Rock ’n’ roll, right? So maybe this isn't the story you'd tell at a party to up your cool cred, and it's likely not a good lead-in for Waterloo Revival's episode of VH1's Behind the Music, but it's pretty funny nonetheless. Truth be told, this new act — who are signed to one of the biggest country record labels, Big Machine (home to Tim McGraw and Taylor Swift) — are good guys, and they're making waves (good ones) at radio with songs like their debut single, "Hit the Road."

Last week, Waterloo Revival returned to their hometown to play an intimate, short acoustic set for lucky radio listeners at country station KASE 101, also inviting Taste of Country out to hear a sampling of songs like "I Love You, I Hate You, I Miss You" and "That Damn I Didn't Give."  Later that night, the station let these bad boys control the airwaves for an hour — even with Birge's past record. At the end of the segment, the duo officially debuted "Bad for You," their second single. The song will make its rounds to stations all over the country starting Aug. 3.

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