The autopsy report for Wayne Mills of Wayne Mills Band have been released following the singer's Nov. 23 death. He was shot after having an altercation with a Nashville bar owner. Pit and Barrel's Chris Ferrell allegedly shot the singer and is citing self-defense.

Mills' autopsy has been released by the Medical Examiners Office. According to Saving Country Music, Mills was killed from a gunshot wound that came to the back of his head. It was ruled a homicide and evidence showed that the shot didn't come from close range.

There have been rumors that Mills had been shot more than once, but in fact, there was only one wound. Even though there was a single bullet involved, he sustained several other injuries. He had two broken ribs, cuts on his forehead, temple and scalp, and bruises on his arms, chest, forearms, left thigh and right knee.

A toxicology report was also completed on Mills. The report tested for multiple substances and showed that his BAC was 0.221. He also tested positive for amphetamines.

Ferrell has been released from jail on bond after a long court hearing. He faces second degree murder charges. On March 2, there will be a Wayne Mills Benefit at The Limelight in Nashville. The benefit is put on by the Outlaw Music Association and has a long list of performers.

Benefit details are on the Outlaw Music Association website.