This country cutie is just one of the fans in this video that are being celebrated. The whole song celebrates women, but especially women who reside in rural areas. Do you think you know which 2008 music video this image is from?

The singer of this song debuted it at the CMA Awards in 2008 just before releasing it as a single. After that, the song's success was seemingly instant and undeniable. It was a No. 1 hit, probably thanks in part to the heavy electric guitars. The rockin' country song was the seventh single of this mystery singer's career.

The music video shows the Georgia-born star doing what he does best: performing! Video footage follows him throughout his tour as he rocks front and center with his band. The footage also showcases lots of fans, like the adorable one pictured above. Have we given it away yet? Click the button below to find out if you're right, and to see even more country music trivia.

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