This video still shows exactly how patriotic this video is, just in time for Memorial Day! The song is one of our favorite patriotic themes (although it's hard to pick an absolute favorite), and it's from a singer we don't hear much from these days. We still love him, though — do you think you may know the song and video?

The song came out in 2001, it's clearly not in high-definition, and the singer helped to co-write the song for a great cause. The song was released in the wake of the Sept. 11 attacks, and the video pays tribute to that and the fine men and women who helped to serve our country following the devastating tragedy.

The song was a big hit after its release, and proceeds from the single benefited the Red Cross following 9/11, raising over $200,000! The video was shot in the Big Apple and shows citizens of the city, as well as rubble from the attacks. All right — we think you're ready to take a guess, so click below and find out if you're right!

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