With this video, it all begins with one beautiful truck. The country singer pictured takes his jacked-up truck for a ride and finds the girl of his dreams — in a Jeep. They pass each other, and it's love at first sight thanks to this back country road. Do you think you know what music video we're describing? Find out below.

This music video was released in 2013 by a singer-songwriter who was up-and-coming at the time. Now he's had more hits, but this one was his debut single, and it eventually climbed to No. 1. The cute singer has also written big hits for other artists, and spends a lot of time writing as well as singing. He co-wrote this song with Shane Minor.

With this video, the singer finds love with one pretty lady and they escape to the water for some relaxing romance. When they're not cuddling next to the river, they're driving in his truck with their hands up, having a blast. In other parts, the singer belts out the lyrics to the song with his band in the same area.

Do you think you know what video we're describing? Click below to find out.

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