This music video is definitely not in high def, because it came out in the mid-'90s. At that time, this singer was still working on becoming a household name, but this song helped him by charting at No. 6. Do you think you know this music video?

The visual is one of a young couple who are very much in love. They're daydreaming of having a love that lasts for a lifetime so they can grow old together. They flip through a scrapbook that shows older couples who are going the distance with their relationships. While they look at the photos, the singer serenades his lady with his guitar.

This single was the lead-off from his second album (but we can't spill it by telling you the name) and was co-written by the singer. It's an upbeat and fun take on falling in love and making it last forever. He co-wrote the tune with Buddy Brock and Kim Williams. Now do you think you know what music video we're talking about?

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