The music video this picture comes from is all about celebrating things we love, and who doesn't love corn hole? Do you think you know the music video this fun game is in?

This music video is fairly new; it was released in the fall of 2015. It's an upbeat, catchy tune that positively celebrates all of life's little fortunes. The song was the introduction to this artist's third album, and proved they were still making great music (including party tracks) but were only getting better. The tune peaked at No. 56 on Billboard's Hot 100, and reached  No. 2 on Billboard's Country Airplay chart.

In the video, there's an element of a live show and a lot of behind-the-scenes fun, too. They party out in the desert, and their surroundings are truly stunning. They kick some dust up and perform in the desert, play a little corn hole and down a few cold beverages in the meantime. Although beautiful, the video, which was directed by Stokes Nielson, puts their live shows front and center in between desert scenes.

Do you think you know what music video we're referring to? Find out if you're right by clicking the link below.