This 2015 music video starts with a few guys running from this gorgeous pup. They run into a gated fence where they meet the singer of this fun, catchy song. Do you think you know what music video we're referring to?

The singer and a couple of friends meet the group of guys as she begins to sing her debut single. They quickly bond over a couple of rousing games of Twister and musical chairs, with everyone laughing and smiling before the video cuts to the singer and her guitar. The party continues into the night as they take Polaroid pictures, dance to a vinyl record and build a campfire. In the end, we realize it was the singer's beautiful dog all along (she has a pup in real life, although it's not the video dog).

This single was the singer's debut and was released in the fall of 2014. The song ended up being a No. 1 hit for the singer -- her very first! It was well-received by critics and helped the singer become a household name in country. Now she's well on her way to becoming a staple. Do you think you know this video now? Find out below!