The low quality of this video still tells you this video wasn't released in HD. That's because this song and video were released back in '94. Do you recognize this brunette beauty from a music video?

This was a big song when it was released in September of 1994. It was a No. 1 hit on the Billboard charts, and is still one of this artist's signature tracks today. It's upbeat and fun, and it's the story of a man who wishes he could quit his job and just spend time with his woman. He wants that to be his new career. Did we give it away yet? If not, it was co-written by three talented individuals -- one of whom is Alan Jackson.

The song's accompanying music video was directed by Michael Merriman, and begins with the singer along with a few other construction co-workers discussing one of their relationships. He is set to go over to his significant other's house to help her with a little handyman work. "I think you're working on a little more than that fence," one of the workers says with a smile.

Do you know what 1994 video we're talking about? Click below and see how well you know your country music videos.