You know how much Brett Eldredge loves jazz music, right? The country star gushed over his love of the genre at a media roundtable at Rudy's Jazz Club in Nashville on Feb. 12 and even entertained the idea of creating a jazz album of his own one day.

Though Eldredge may be known for country hits — "Wanna Be That Song," "Mean to Me" and his latest single "The Long Way," which recently became his seventh Top 10 at country radio, are smashes — the singer isn't limiting himself to the genre that made Nashville famous. At the roundtable, he cited Ray Charles and Frank Sinatra as stylistic influences and even donned a shirt featuring Sinatra at the event.

The Brett Eldredge You Know: In Front of the Camera

"I love all forms of music and [jazz] is one that made me the artist that I am in a way," Eldredge says. "Of course I'd love to make a (jazz) record like this and I'd love to continue to make records like i do everyday. I'm writing for my next album already. I'm always growing. There are so many different kinds of music that feed into the music that I make now and I think I'm slowly starting to show the merging of all that."

Eldredge has already dipped his toes in the jazz-infused well with his 2016 Christmas album Glow — a soulful collection of holiday favorites that peaked at No. 2 on Billboard's Holiday Album Sales chart.

"I think making that record (Glow) was a big step for me," Eldredge says. "I wanted to put it out there and i was hoping that everybody would realize how much I loved it and that I wasn't trying to be a different artist than I was. This is just part of the artist that I am. ... Maybe one day down the road, I'll definitely make a {jazz} record like that and I'm happy to make the records I am now and I'll try to make every kind of record I can. I just love music and this is definitely something that I feel in my heart."

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