American Idol is set to return in 2025, but Luke Bryan says that the judging lineup for next season is still up in the air.

"It's been something Disney has been really tight-lipped about with me and Lionel [Richie] and Ryan [Seacrest]," Bryan explains in a new interview with Billboard.

Bryan, Richie and Katy Perry have all served as judges since the televised reality competition rebooted on ABC in 2018. In February, Perry revealed plans to exit her role on the show, leaving a spot open at the judges' table. Still, most fans have assumed that Richie and Bryan will maintain their roles when Season 23 kicks off — but Bryan says that's not necessarily a done deal.

"We currently haven't heard what the story is on who's coming back, and if Lionel and I are coming back. I think Disney is just trying to figure out what they want to do and we're just kind of sitting back and waiting until they decide," he continues.

In the meantime, it's anybody's guess who will replace Perry as an American Idol judge. Elsewhere in his Billboard interview, Bryan offered up his guesses, all of whom fit the mold of a female pop star.

"I've said several names," Bryan speculates. "I think P!nk has been in the talks, Miley Cyrus has been in the talks, Meghan Trainor has been in the talks."

For her part, Perry has suggested that Idol add another country singer to the mix. She said that she'd like to see Jelly Roll — who was a guest mentor on Idol this spring — replace her as a full-time judge.

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