Hailing from the border town of Del Rio, Texas, William Beckmann's early musical influences were split between the mariachi and Norteño music he heard on the radio, and the classic country he soon started seeking out for himself.

In his new song, "Danced All Night Long," both aspects of Beckmann's origin story are readily apparent. Vocally, he brings a crooning baritone, story-centric delivery and even a reference to a George Strait song in one of the lyrics. But musically, the song derives just as much inspiration from the sounds of Northern Mexico as it does from traditional country music, and Beckmann even slips back and forth between English and Spanish as he sings the song.

Fittingly, the music video is also an even split between the two genres, but it's entirely personal to the singer. Beckmann filmed the one-take music video for his song at the Corona Club in Acuña, Mexico, just across the border from Del Rio. The bar itself is famous — a few scenes from the 1995 film Desperado were shot there, for example — but to Beckmann, it's a beloved close-to-home joint, and he played up his hometown connection to the shooting location by casting his family and friends as extras in the clip.

"When I wrote this love story in my head, I always envisioned it at the Corona Club, a famous bar across the border from my hometown," Beckmann explains. "It made shooting the video there feel really full-circle, and the director getting it all in one single take beginning to end was a challenge I hadn't expected."

Still, for the singer, nothing topped getting to share the moment with the people who are closest to him in real life.

"My favorite part was having my entire family and a bunch of hometown friends be a part of this in Acuña, which is such a special place for us," Beckmann goes on to say. "We're all really proud of it."

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