Country newcomer William Michael Morgan's “I Met a Girl” video is a slow-rolling, romantic tribute to a lady who’s made quite an impact on the narrator. While Morgan makes an appearance in the video, the beautiful starring lady actually meets up with a different leading man to go with him to a family birthday celebration.

After spending time with the family setting up, the group, surprises the grandmother of the clan for a special birthday celebration, led by her husband. The family views a wedding video for the couple, who have clearly been together for decades, as the young boyfriend and girlfriend look on in admiration.

Morgan is only 21 years old, but his deep, smooth vocals are is reminiscent of a man far beyond his years. His classy approach to romance and the wisdom in the lyrics are a testament to his classic flavor. “I Met a Girl” was actually written by AMA Favorite New Artist Sam Hunt, Old Dominion’s Trevor Rosen, and accomplished country songwriter Shane McAnally.

The artist has been playing shows nonstop this fall, including several appearances at the Grand Ole Opry. Check out the full video for “I Met a Girl” above.