William Michael Morgan's new single "Vinyl" is not a tribute to his lost vinyl collection, but he does miss those old LPs. Elvis, Sinatra, George Jones ... like the artists, the records are now gone.

The singer says the title track from his debut album is his favorite and the most representative of who he is as a musician and a man. Morgan grew up in Mississippi enjoying simple pleasures like the state fair, and while his closet friends know him well enough to give him a ribbing when necessary, fans in the state capital treat him like a star. But that doesn't quite feel right to him.

"I'm just a good ol' Mississippi boy that I've always been," Morgan tells Taste of Country. Look for his takeover of ToC's Instagram Stories on Thursday (Oct. 5) as he prepares for a hometown show at the Mississippi State Fair. The "whole redneck crew" will be in the audience as he performs.

He took a trip down memory lane, recalling a time his parents got him out of school early to go to the fair, and it wasn't the candy or deep-fried Oreo or even the adventure rides that he remembers best. It was time spent on a ride, when he was able to sit and talk to his dad for a bit, that he stores near the front of his memory.

"I don't remember what we were talking about, but it was just one of those moments you remember in life," he says.

The 24-year-old is an old soul, and he doesn't need to be pressed to recall an early collection of vinyls. "My great-grandmother had left them to my mom and dad. And my mom and dad played them ... about five or six years ago we had a house fire and lost a good bit of that stuff."

Fortunately nobody was hurt, but Morgan misses those records. He'll have a chance to cut another of his own soon. In addition to interviews and meet and greets with fans, a show day typically includes writing and recording for a new studio album.

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