Loretta Lynn previously admitted to trying marijuana for the very first time last year. Lynn's longtime friend and marijuana advocate Willie Nelson is urging the singer to give pot a second chance.

"She's got a lot of guts," Nelson said during a recent interview with The Associated Press. "She'll try anything. Maybe I should help her."

Nelson also discussed the reasons he believes weed should be legalized despite some politicians' urging that it should not be made legal.

"I think people would be smarter than that," Nelson said. "You look and see the benefits. You weigh them against the things that might possibly happen. I think marijuana is probably the safest medicine you can take. These new guys that are coming in there trying to shut it down, I don't think they will be successful. People will say, 'Hey wait a minute. Heroin, cocaine, OK. But it grows in the ground. It seems to be normal. Let it alone.'"

Meanwhile, Lynn agrees with Nelson's view on pot being harmless.

“He’s one of the greatest people in the whole world,” Lynn says. “I know he smokes pot, but my goodness, there’s a lot people doing a lot worse than smoking pot!”

The 84-year-old had a less than pleasant experience after her doctor suggested she smoke it to help with her glaucoma.

“I got glaucoma and they gave me one of these cigarettes,” Lynn told People in an interview. “I took one smoke off of it and it hit me right here in the chest. I like to have died! Glaucoma is just going to have to take over.”

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