Tim McGraw made headlines when he brought a sweet fan onstage during his July 13 concert and serenaded her with 'You Are So Beautiful,' even giving her his guitar. The moment still makes Sarah Fodor cry when she reminisces over the kindness the singer showed her.

Both Sarah and her mother are huge McGraw fans, and the special girl was lucky enough to not only get a moment with the star, but also a signed guitar at the Atlanta concert earlier this month. McGraw's selfless act has since inspired her to play some music of her own, as seen in the video above.

"I can't believe that he would choose me!" Sarah tells 11Alive, recalling when McGraw welcomed her onstage and even moved his guitar so she could sit right next to him.

Video of the incident quickly went viral, which means people everywhere have been touched by McGraw's kind heart and giving spirit -- but none more than Sarah's mom.

"I just started crying," Barbara Fodor says of that sweet moment. "I didn't even realize he'd given her the guitar or signed it or anything until they handed it to me. I just can't thank him enough."

Mom and daughter were at least a dozen rows back when a man told Barbara to bring her daughter up close to the stage.

"Do it, Tim. Do it," Sarah says while watching the video and reliving her minute in the spotlight. She still gets tears in her eyes thinking about how she felt when the singer was 100 percent focused on her. "After he played that song, it really touched my heart."

Now that the girl has a special piece of McGraw that she can always keep with her, what does she plan to do with the guitar?

"I'm gonna keep it," she says. "I'm gonna keep it forever."


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