If heartbreak was as much fun as the Zac Brown Band's new single 'The Wind,' then divorce lawyers would be as common as fry cooks at McDonald's. The first single from the band's upcoming 'Uncaged' album is as close as the country jamband has ever come to recreating their concerts on the radio.

The lyrics are almost lost in the chicken picking and fiddle playing of Jimmy De Martini. Other singles have featured the backing band before. In fact, almost every Top 2 hit the band has released is built upon a catchy guitar lick or string melody. Brown's voice is as much of a complimentary instrument as Clay Cook's mandolin. (On a side note, has anyone else noticed every song the ZBB has released has reached No. 1 or No. 2? Amazing!)

"Thirty thousand feet above the city where I fell in love with you / And the fading concrete skyline brings and urban lullaby that still rings true," Brown sings at warp speed.

"When I passed you on the street that day, should have let that (unclear) fly away like any chance I had of keeping you / Like the northern wind a blowin', my lonely heart is frozen / Never knew I'd find a way to break yours too."

The beauty of these lyrics is that Brown doesn't skimp on artistry in an effort to jam as much content into a tight space as possible. If you slow down and listen to what the man in the beanie is saying, you're rewarded with a detailed, heartbreaking story.

"Well the wind blows babe / You can bet I'll be riding high with it / Holding on for my dear life just like I always did / Close your eyes babe / Take a breath, say my name and I'll be there / My love will find you anywhere, anywhere my love," he adds during each chorus.

With the exception of 'As She's Walking Away,' singles from 'You Get What You Give' have been a miasma of mid-tempo, airy lullabies. No detail is lost on 'The Wind,' a song that re-introduces the band as the tightest country group around. If other songs from 'Uncaged' are this good, it's going to be a fun summer for Zac Brown Band fans.

Listen to Zac Brown Band, 'The Wind'