The fourth category announced for the 2011 Taste of Country Awards is Video of the Year. Five of the year's top videos in terms of views, creativity and impact have been selected, and fans will cast their votes to choose the winner. The nominees include 'Old Alabama' by Brad Paisley, 'Tattoos on This Town' by Jason Aldean, 'You and Tequlla' by Kenny Chesney feat. Grace Potter, 'Shut Up Train' by Little Big Town and 'Mean' by Taylor Swift.

Brad Paisley, 'Old Alabama': Paisley not only convinced Alabama to star in the video that bares their name, but he brought in NASCAR celebs Jeff Gordon, Darrel Waltrip and Rick Hendrick as well. The first 30 seconds feature Gordon and Paisley discussing the singer's time in Alabama (sort of), and the remaining four-and-a-half minutes are dedicated to great music and beautiful cars. [Watch the 'Old Alabama' Video]

Jason Aldean, 'Tattoos on This Town': What begins as a heartwarming tale of small town love turns tragic by the end of the video for this song from Aldean's 'My Kinda Party' album. Even if he doesn't take home the 2011 Taste of Country Award, he gets an honorable mention for the year's saddest video. [Watch the 'Tattoos on This Town' Video]

Kenny Chesney Feat. Grace Potter, 'You and Tequila': This Chesney song and video is also one of the year's most celebrated. Country fans are falling in love with Grace Potter's delicate voice, and she is the ultimate compliment to the superstar's steady hand. Both look amazing in the clip. [Watch the 'You and Tequila' Video]

Little Big Town, 'Shut Up Train': The song was never released as a single, but the video for 'Shut Up Train' certainly makes the best song on 'The Reason Why' just a little bit better. Karen Fairchild takes center stage, looking vulnerable and exhausted as she sings about a love gone wrong. Little Big Town independently hired a director for the video, wanting to give their vision for the song to their fans as a gift. [Watch the 'Shut Up Train' Video]

Taylor Swift, 'Mean': Swift's video has been applauded for its anti-bullying message, and the costuming and choreography are fitting for a woman who has one of the more theatrical shows in country music. The song was also picked as one the Taste of Country staff's Top 10 Songs of 2011. [Watch the 'Mean' Video]

Vote for the 2011 Taste of Country Awards’ Video of the Year here, or on the 2011 Taste of Country Awards full categories page. Voting ends on Jan. 1, 2012 at 11:59PM ET. Winners will be announced on Jan. 3, 2012.