When it comes to the fireworks portion of the Fourth of July holiday, make sure you and crazy Uncle Jimmy don't end up in a situation like A Thousand Horses lead singer Michael Hobby.

One July 4th, Hobby's brother apparently thought it was a good idea to light a firework indoors. Here's a non-surprise ending to the story: it wasn't a good idea.

“My brother lit a firecracker in our house one time and it was one of those you know the tanks, so I mean, kind of a real deal firework," says Hobby in an interview with Big Machine Label Group.

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"And he lit it and he didn’t know what to do because he freaked out," Hobby continues. "So he put a trash can over it, which I guess is kind of smart, but it burned a hole in the floor about that big and it’s still there to this day. And our house smelled awful, it was like sulfur, you know.”

Though they have the Fourth of July off, A Thousand Horses are currently promoting their latest single, “Preachin’ to the Choir” and are loaded with tour dates across the U.S. from July through October. With new Bridges tracks such as the aforementioned single, "Blaze of Somethin'" and "Burn Like Willie," the band should set their summer/fall sets on fire, with or without firecrackers.

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