Staind frontman Aaron Lewis is really eager to prove his country music roots are legit in the video for his new solo song, 'Country Boy.' The track comes from the singer and guitarist's upcoming solo EP 'Town Line.'

You can read our preview story about the record here, but both the video and the song actually work better as a kind of musical introduction to facets of Lewis' life that fans of his rock band may not know.  Turns out he's lived in the woods of Massachusetts all his life listening to country records, hunting, and driving old army vehicles around dirt roads.

You'll catch him doing all those things during this video, in between scenes of him recording the song with the help of some friends.  And by friends, we actually mean country legends.  Charlie Daniels plays fiddle, of course, on the song, and also adds a seemingly off-the-cuff state of the union type address as the video winds down.  Meanwhile, none other than George Jones sings his way through the role of an evil record company guy. If Lewis' sole goal was to prove he's not some country music bandwagon rider, well, mission accomplished!

'Town Line,' the EP featuring 'Country Boy,' is scheduled for a February 2011 release. Lewis will be playing a  series of solo concerts throughout the winter to promote the record.

Watch the Aaron Lewis 'Country Boy' Video

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