Country rocker Aaron Lewis boldly stood up for a young female fan being 'molested' by concertgoers on Saturday (May 31).

The 'Granddaddy's Gun' singer was performing with his rock band Staind at Rockfest in Kansas City. While he was singing, there was some crowdsurfing going on -- and a young teenage girl was trying it out. However, some of the concertgoers were getting way too touchy with the girl, and thankfully, Lewis saw it all.

From the stage, the singer yelled at the culprits, exclaiming, “Listen up you f***ing a**holes, that girl over right there is like 15 f***ing years old and you pieces of s**t are molesting her while she’s on the f***ing crowd. Your f***ing mothers should be ashamed of themselves, you pieces of s**t.”

Added Lewis, "You should all be f***ing beaten down by everyone around you for being f***ing pieces of s**t."

He also threatened, saying that if he saw it happening again, he'd point them out and have everyone in the crowd beat them down. Lewis' rant was well-received by the rest of the crowd, as the fans screamed their approval and pumped their fists as he called out the culprits during his rant.

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