Adam Craig's debut single on Stoney Creek Records finds him regretting heartbreak. "Reckon" is an uptempo country-rocker that finds the singer spiraling in a pool of hurt as the girl he loves walks away.

Not that he didn't deserve it. In this song Craig admits he broke her heart first. The title is a play on words — this Music City vet starts off theorizing what she's up to before admitting he regrets "wreckin'" her heart.

“She’s wrecking me / For wrecking her heart / Yeah reckon she’s / Chasing down a brand new start / Reckon she’s missing me, reckon she’ll forgive me, reckon she’s gonna stay / Reckon she’ll come back someday," Craig sings during "Reckon."

Craig was an established songwriter and seasoned frontman for the Adam Craig Band before he signed to SCR. Love and Theft, Jason Aldean and Montgomery Gentry are a few artists that have cut his songs. Parmalee took his song "Close Your Eyes" to the Top 5 on Billboard's Country Airplay chart in 2014. The native Washingtonian has been in Nashville for a decade, and is pumped to be finding success as an artist.

The lyric video features silhouettes of Craig against a gold backdrop. A long-haired beauty flutters in and out of the frame, but for the most part fans just see the agonized singer, and the song's lyrics.

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