We may not know what he did, but Adam Wakefield is more than happy to take responsibility for his relationship going south in his "Blame it on Me" video, as long as it allows them to move forward with a clean slate.

Wakefield brings the story to life in the video but keeps it simple, showing a few scenes of a woman contemplating giving him another chance interspersed with live performance shots with his band.

“I love the mysterious storyline of the video, because — like the song — it never tells you what I’m taking the blame for … and most guys hardly ever know anyway,” Wakefield jokes to People. “It leaves all that open to viewer interpretation.”

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The Voice Season 10 runner-up says the video is really just about reconciliation from both people, rather than one party's perspective.

“This video works for both sides,” he explains. “The girl wanting the guy to take the blame for what he’s done, and the guy acknowledging and owning what he’s done in order to give the girl closure.”

What made it even better was having his band alongside him for the video. “They played on the song in the studio, so having as many live shots in it as we did was really important to me,” he shares.

Though he didn’t write the song and was initially hesitant to record it, it’s become one of his favorites.

“I’ll be honest, I didn’t want to cut this song at first,” Wakefield divulges. “My buddy – and fellow contestant on The Voice – Nolan Neal was a writer on it and played it for me. I really liked it, but was stuck on writing whatever I released. It was always in the back of my mind, and one night, after performing it live, I just knew it had to be mine.”

As for the rest of his new music, Wakefield says he is excited for his fans to finally hear it soon. "I’m really looking forward to fans hearing what all I’ve been working on,” he assures.

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