Adley Stump is paying tribute to the wives and families of America's troops with her new single, "Stay at Home Soldier." She is debuting the song's brand-new video exclusively via Taste of Country.

Stump is familiar to country fans from her stint on Team Blake during Season 2 of the hit NBC reality singing contest, The Voice. Since then she has released an album, and two of her singles have cracked the Top 40 on the iTunes country chart in their first week.

"Stay at Home Soldier" is the lead single from her forthcoming sophomore album. Stump is also the founder of the Stay at Home Soldier Project, whose aim is "the support, appreciation, and celebration of those who represent the mindset and values of our nation's military within their own communities."

"When you hear enough stories of personal tragedy, loss, and the heartbreaks of our unsung heroes that we continue to hear in the media, you naturally want to do something to help," she tells Taste of Country. "I can't write a large check. I can't be out there on the front lines. And I can't bring someone's husband, wife or child back. But what I can do is write a song. I can be a part of the healing, the honoring and the support."

Stump has been gearing up for the release of the single through a series of appearances at live events for Remington Outdoors for the last four months, which have put her in front of more than 120,000 people.

She's also partnered with Little Black Dress wines to develop an alternative approach to marketing her music. She has made appearances at the corporate headquarters of Army & Air Force Exchange Services and Kroger, and will continue with more events through the end of September.

Additionally, the singer is filming the pilot for a Remington-sponsored reality TV show on April 7, which is slated for a summer run. The taping is part of a national Wounded Warrior Project campaign that will run in June.

Her deluxe sophomore album, Like This, will be available for pre-order beginning April 9, and is set for release on May 19.