Steven Tyler can't seem to find good footing with his Aerosmith bandmates. The frontman released his new single "Red, White & You" last month, and Joe Perry admits he isn't a fan of what Tyler is contributing to country music.

"Hey, if I didn't know him when I heard the song I'd go, 'It's okay, next,'" Perry tells USA Today. "I'm not going to say anything else about that. Steven is in Nashville doing whatever he's doing. He's got a (bleeping) rhinestone cowboy hat going, 'Yippee ki yay.' I don't know what else to say about that."

This isn't the first time a member of Aerosmith has spoken out about Tyler going country. Last year, Aerosmith guitarist Brad Whitford opened up about the band’s thoughts on Tyler’s country career and his feeling that Tyler abandoned them.

“Steven doesn’t want to do it,” Whitford told Billboard of the decision to scrap the 2016 Aerosmith tour. “It’s unfortunate. We kind of feel a little bit abandoned by him. I guess he seems to think his solo career is going to go great guns, and he doesn’t seem to realize that — in my opinion — his fans around the globe want to see him in the context of Aerosmith and don’t really care for whatever he thinks he’s gonna do.”

While Whitford added that he and the band won’t force Tyler to tour with them, it is apparent they’re less than thrilled with the outcome. “I don’t know if he gets that but, hey, that’s what he wants to do. I can’t put a gun to his head. It’s just pretty disappointing,” he added.

Tyler recognizes that his Aerosmith buddies aren't pleased, but felt like it was his time to try a solo venture.

“I’m sure they’re not happy,” he explained last summer, “But Joe [Perry] has done five solo albums. I just thought, ‘Hey, it’s my turn in the barrel.’”

“This is a side project, which has now turned into a love of life,” the rock legend added. “I think we got something here that the radio would love to play. Look, that’s why I’m in it. I love to take the f–ing power to wow to the 100th degree. It’s just what I do.”

Tyler's first solo country single, ‘Love Is Your Name,' entered the Top 40 on the country charts.

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