Steven Tyler further explains why he sent a cease and desist letter to Donald Trump in an open letter that spells out the reasons copyright laws need to change. The "Love Is Your Name" singer and Aerosmith frontman acknowledges changes are happening, but not quickly enough.

Tyler’s letter first ran on the Huffington Post website. He discusses what inspired him to help found the Grammy Creators’ Alliance in February, also sharing some details about his recent trip to Washington D.C. to explain the songwriter's plight to lawmakers.

“Many of these Congress people I spoke to were shocked to learn that this really bothered musicians and songwriters and some even changed their views, all because we made the effort to let them know how we feel,” Tyler writes before naming Virginia Congressman Bob Goodlatte as one who has been particularly active.

No streaming or music playing technologies are specifically named in Tyler’s letter. He recognizes new technologies do pay the creator, but "the old technology companies do not pay artists; not one penny! And they are paying songwriters the minimum that the law says they should pay." He writes:

The laws need to change. We have so many laws in America that control how we get paid for our music. Seventy-five percent of songwriters' income in the U.S. is regulated by the government? Too much government intervention in art and music is a bad thing.

On Wednesday (Oct. 14), Tyler reveals that over 1,600 musicians and songwriters visited their local congress members in their home offices. “They will be there to deliver a very clear message of themselves and creators all over America. It's time for change,” he explains, calling for fans to support this effort for reform.

Without change, the rock icon adds, songwriters and artists will continue to face the “threat of extinction.”

As for his letter to Trump, the 67-year-old says he wasn’t making a political statement — he was just standing up for the rights of fellow music creators.

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