Steven Tyler isn’t the first rocker to give country a try, but on "Love Is Your Name," he becomes the first to work along the genre’s edges. The folky debut single from the Aerosmith singer’s upcoming album is a what one imagines the sonic progeny of a Lady Antebellum and Mumford & Sons union would sound like.

Overall the song is milder than what some may have been expecting. Eric Paslay helped write it, and he’s far from a country bad boy, so the subdued pace and concept should have been predictable. Tyler makes it his own by filling space early and often with Steven Tyler-isms.

Send your kisses my way / Bring your sweet heart to me / I’ve been waiting for so long,” Tyler sings to begin “Love Is Your Name.” "Tell me all your stories / Leave some open for me / Write your name into this song.”

Auto-harp, pedal steel and a soft acoustic comfort Tyler’s country stylings. He adds his own harmonies during each verse before the song swells gently into a chorus.

“I walk through the fire / Run through the rain / I’ll wait for forever / If love is your name.”

The song doesn’t stretch Tyler as a vocalist — he more stylizes his way through “Love Is Your Name.” The oft-used cliche that a song is “like nothing else on the radio” holds true with Tyler’s first single. Fans of the singer and country music were expecting that, but not like this.

Why Fans Will Love It: There's no arguing the song's country roots by Tyler doesn't sacrifice any of his uniqueness in singing it.

Key Lyrics: “I walk through the fire / Run through the rain / I’ll wait for forever / If love is your name.”

Did You Know?: Tyler has been writing with all of Nashville's top writers for his new album. Rhett Akins tells Taste of Country he was surprised by how good of a vocalist the rocker is. The well-known country tunesmith says he was secretly filming Tyler on his camera phone during the session.

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