Alan Jackson's Angels and Alcohol album is as country as country gets — something that fans of the format may find refreshing, but something that his longtime fans expect. The 10 songs tell stories of love, heartbreak, drinking and family, but really, the 56-year-old is just doing what his hero asked him to do years ago.

In this video clip from his Angels and Alcohol interview, Jackson talks about how George Jones always told him to "Keep It Country."

"He just loved real country music," the singer says of the late Hall of Famer. "When I first met him in 1990, he probably signed a picture for me and that's what he wrote on there, 'Keep It Country, George Jones.'"

The greeting turned into Jackson's recent tour name, and it's at the heart of what this 15th studio album is all about. With titles like "Jim and Jack and Hank," the title track and "Gone Before You Met Me," you know what you're getting before you hit play. Jackson doesn't disappoint. His first album in three years bristles at the modern, often heavy production techniques. You're not likely to hear this man rapping.

All week, Jackson is sharing exclusive, rare content with Taste of Country readers. Check out some classic AJ photos below, and look for a full review of Angels and Alcohol on Friday (July 17).

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