American Idol 2018 Hollywood Week built up the pressure Apr. 1 on ABC at 8 pm ET. Is this an April Fool's joke or what, with all the pressure? After surviving the Group Round, the remaining contestants will sing one last solo hoping to advance to the Top 50...which will then be whittled down to 24 tomorrow (Apr. 2). How did your favorites do tonight? Here are a select few we've been keeping an eye on.

Lousiana's Laine Hardy, who begrudgingly submitted to be the only boy singing "Love Yourself" by Justin Bieber in last week's group rounds, got to ease back into his turf and sing Chris Stapleton's "Fire Away" instead. Despite being a tad on the rough edge (his vocals were a bit shot), which made the judges raise their eyebrows a bit, he still made a good impression.

Judge Katy Perry's big ole cutie-pie crush (oh, she's actually "over it," as she dryly noted to Judge Lionel Richie) Trevor Holmes, who performed a Brett Young cover last week, tried his hand at Idol alum Phillip Phillips' "Home." Score! He hit a home run, pardon pun, with that one.

Deep-voiced teen Caleb Lee Hutchinson showed off the range of his deepness by performing a song by one of the deepest ones out there: "Your Man" by Josh Turner. He wants to call his mom and dad and tell them "your baby boy made it through Hollywood Week." Well, Perry hollered, "Get yourself a cowboy hat," and we're betting he'll be able to soon make that call.

"Daddy's girl" Gabby Barnett went soulful this evening with "Ain't No Way" by Aretha Franklin, and her dad can probably sleep easy, as she seemed to do just fine.

The top 24 will be chosen tomorrow night after the remaining contestants perform for the first time in front of a live audience, so be sure to come back and check up on your favorite contestants.

American Idol airs Sundays and Monday at 8PM ET/PT, and we'll be keeping an eye on all the standout country performances, as well as any odd antics Judge Luke Bryan decides to spring on us.

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