The Voice's Season 16 finale, held Tuesday (May 21), was admittedly heavy on country music power—three out of four of the finalists were on Team Blake Shelton, after all. Given that, it was no surprise that the show opened up with a powerhouse country number.

Finalist Andrew Sevener learned the previous night that he was going to have the chance to deliver a song with the legendary Travis Tritt; a prospect that he told his coach might just make him throw up (out of excitement, not disgust!).

Luckily, Sevener did not upchuck, and kept it admirably together during his big moment with Tritt on stage performing the '90s classic "T-R-O-U-B-L-E." Tritt appeared bareheaded and casually allowed Sevener to take a lot of the spotlight, while Sevener donned a traditional black hat for the rollicking number and carried his own.

The song was perfect for Sevener, who has charmed throughout the season with his ability to rock a boot-stomping number. There was nothing vomit-inducing at all here; in fact, the pair exuded such easy musical chemistry that they managed to get avowed Tritt fan Kelly Clarkson out of her seat on her feet grooving in delight. Coach John Legend, who marked Shelton's sole competition in the finale, also had a huge smile and clapped along.

The easygoing chemistry from Sevener was a natural vibe. As his coach explained, "Andrew is a really funny guy. He actually makes you laugh without even trying to...[he] literally always says whatever is on his mind."

In addition to scoring celebrity duets for each of its Top 4 finalists the night of the big winner reveal, the show also trotted out some of the most wildly popular names in music for pure performance value—namely Taylor Swift, the Jonas Brothers and BTS (who showed up despite a kerfluffle regarding whether they were actually hitting the stage or just hyping the show itself), so a star-studded and entertaining time was in store for all viewers regardless of which finalist they were rooting for.

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