If the rest of Ashley McBryde's new The Devil I Know album is as raw as the song she released on Friday (June 2), her fans might need to ask for the day off work.

  • The Devil I Know is McBryde's fourth studio album on WMN, following Lindeville from 2022.
  • In April she released the title track.
  • She helped write another song about a difficult childhood for Jelly Roll's new album. "Unlive" was released on Friday.

The "Light on in the Kitchen" singer announced The Devil I Know for release on Sept. 8 via Warner Music Nashville. A peek at the track list (below) finds Lainey Wilson, Brothers Osborne's John Osborne and good friend Nicolette Hayford (a.k.a. Pillbox Patti) with songwriting credits.

"Learned to Lie" is the new song, and there's truth to these lyrics.

"I think my father did the best that he could do / He rarely made it to the dinner table / Said he was working late, but he was working late / Fogging up the windows of an '89 Sable," she sings to close the first verse.

McBryde introduced the song to fans in August of 2022 during a set at Nashville's 3rd & Lindsley and said she told her mother and stepdad about the song before they heard it. She wanted to warn them, and told the crowd that none of it is false.

"I wish I'd learned how to love the same way I learned to lie," she sings to close each chorus.

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Warner Music Nashville

Ashley McByde, The Devil I Know Track List:

1. "Made for This" (Ashley McBryde and Travis Meadows)
2. "Coldest Beer in Town" (McBryde, Autumn McEntire and Nicolette Hayford)
3. "Light on in the Kitchen" (McBryde, Jessi Alexander and Connie Harrington)
4. "Women Ain’t Whiskey" (McBryde, Hillary Lindsey, Jon Nite and Chris LaCorte)
5. "Learned to Lie" (McBryde, Hayford and Sean McConnell)
6. "The Devil I Know" (McBryde, Jeremy Stover and Bobby Pinson)
7. "Single at the Same Time" (McBryde, Benjy Davis and Andy Albert)
8. "Cool Little Bars" (McBryde, Trick Savage and Lainey Wilson)
9. "Whiskey and Country Music" (McBryde, John Osborne and Lee Thomas Miller)
10. "Blackout Betty" (McBryde, Aaron Raitiere and Hayford)
11. "6th of October" (McBryde, Blue Foley and CJ Field)

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