Ashley McBryde is living her life the way she wants to loud and proud on "The Devil I Know."

Penned by McBryde, Bobby Pinson and Jeremy Stover, the part-tender and part-rocking song finds McBryde reflecting on her personal journey and how she wouldn't change it for anyone else's perfect life, or anything else for that matter.

"Hell, there's hell everywhere I go, and I'm sticking with the devil I know," she remarks in the song.

"Mama says get my a-- to church / Daddy says get my a-- to work / Doctor says I gotta give up on these smokes / Everybody's got something to say / About how I gotta change my ways / But I got something to say of my own / Hell there's everywhere I go / I'm just sticking with the devil I know," McBryde later declares in the chorus.

Of "The Devil I Know," McBryde says on Instagram, "I walked in and sat down with Bobby Pinson and Jeremy Stover August 12, 2020 and THIS song came out. We're all the time time hearing somethin’ from somebody who thinks they know what's best for us. Lose weight, your hair's too curly, change this, change that. When things just seems to go better when you trust your own lens to see what's good for you, stick to the devil you know."

Sonically, "The Devil I Know" opens with soft, acoustic guitar chords as McBryde recalls her growing up years, before thrashing grunge rock-inspired drumbeats and heavy electric guitarwork kick in as McBryde proudly owns her own "devil."

"The Devil I Know" is the newest song McBryde has released following her new single, "Light on in the Kitchen," which dropped in February. The two tracks preview the Warner Music Nashville artist's as-yet-untitled upcoming fourth studio album.

McBryde's last studio album, Ashley McBryde Presents: Lindeville, arrived in 2022.

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