With ‘All Country on You,’ Austin Webb is taking the typical bro-country jam and spinning it on its head. Sure, the synths, heavy drum looping and general polishing fit well into the current country radio scene, but this isn't a song about partying 'til dawn, tailgating or trying to take the "girl in a country song" home with you. This is about what happens when that girl finally says enough is enough and goes "all country on you."

There's an old saying that everyone knows: "hell hath no fury like a woman scorned," and that's just the sort of woman Webb is singing about in 'All Country on You.' But far from criticizing or judging, this track celebrates those strong and feisty females who can see through all the crap that some men try to put them through. These are the women who are more than happy to make you pay if you don't treat them like you should.

"Had 'em dressed in their Sunday best, calling me dirty words / Had a few drive-bys shooting me the bird / Night stalking me, calling, my phone blowing up / Goin' all Carrie Underwood on my truck / They get crazy and mean / And everything in-between / you can't blame no one else / When you brought it all on yourself."

Given that little poke at Carrie Underwood's 'Before He Cheats,' it's worth noting that 'All Country on You' was written by the same team of Mark Irwin, Josh Kear and Chris Tompkins. And in many ways, it's a great complement to Underwood's 2005 hit. 'All Country on You' is more "girl-power" than "bro-country," opting for the kind of woman who may be a bit intimidating, but is worth the extra effort as long as you treat her right. Webb isn't afraid of a strong lady in his life ... well, maybe he is just a little bit. After all, she might "post pictures of me naked with my ink showing through, in the places no one knew there were tattoos."

Sonically, 'All Country on You' isn't quite as unique as the lyrics, but it's a strong effort nonetheless. It's the fourth single to be released from Webb, and it's the fourth single to sound different from its predecessors. 'It's All Good' was a romantic R&B-infused track, while 'Slip on By' was nostalgic and sweet, and 'Raise 'Em Up' was a fun-loving anthem song. With 'All Country on You,' Webb has differentiated himself from the pack yet again, proving that although this song may sound like some of the pop-country hits circulating at the moment, give it a few listens and you might just be surprised to find that's it's more than a little different. And you may be surprised to find how much you love it!

Why Fans Will Love It: 'All Country on You' hits on all the things fans love about current country hits from Florida Georgia Line and Luke Bryan.

Key Lyrics: "Don't tick her off, break her heart, tell her lies / Don't feed her any lipstick alibis / Ain't nothing she can't see through / No telling what she might do / Maybe get half-drunk, half-wide and wanna fight / Keep yelling at ya, cussing at ya, all night / Hell-bent on tearing you something new / When she goes all country on you."

Did You Know? Webb may be a serious country musician, but he loves showing off his goofy side, too. Check out this behind-the-scenes video to get to know Webb a bit better ... and catch a hilariously accurate impression of Luke Bryan around the 2-minute mark!

Listen to Austin Webb, 'All Country on You'

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