The Avett Brothers were forced to cancel a planned concert in Oregon Saturday night (July 7) after a fan entered the venue with a gun.

"This evening, during the admission process at our show at Edgefield Concerts on the Lawn in Troutdale, Oregon, an individual passing through the metal detector was found to be carrying a gun," the band explains on their Facebook page.

The band further that the man was confronted by security, who informed him of a no-firearm policy at the concert venue. He reportedly identified himself as an out-of-state police officer and showed a badge, but when asked to wait for a venue manager to discuss the situation, he disappeared into the crowd.

Authorities did their best to locate the individual, but could not find him and decided to cancel the night's event as a precaution.

"Due to the obvious threat posed by someone in the audience with a firearm, regardless of his (unconfirmed) claim of being a member of law enforcement, we were obligated, for the safety of everyone present, to cancel the performance,” the band says. "It was unfortunate that such action had to be taken, but we have no regret in being in a position to make a decision which helps to keep our fans safe."

The Avett Brothers assure fans they hope to make up the performance soon.

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